February 5, 2009

Love for My Gardener

A.K.A. - my dear, DH. He's the 'Birthday Boy' this week. How cute he is! Don't you think every little boy should wear a spiffy bow tie for his school pictures?! Happy Birthday to my love who loves me back so well.

On Love - "It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."
1 Corinthians 13:7

And what is the gardener doing these days? Pouring over seed catalogs of course! Here's the pile that was up for consideration. The one from which we'll order this year is pictured standing in the back of the pile - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. This is a nice little company, started by the owner when he was 17, filling seed orders by himself in his room at home! The business has expanded a lot since then and they are very industrious and creative. You can find them at rareseeds.com

You can look all over the internet and learn about the importance of heirloom gardening and non-GMO seeds as well. Please inform yourself if you haven't already done so. Gardening is making a huge comeback right now and it's really worth planting the healthiest possible plants for your loved ones.

Well, this is all then.


  1. I love his picture!!! Happy Birthday to your gardener!

  2. yes, love bow ties on little guys and old guys. they are very cool. happy birthday to him.