February 10, 2009

Love for Friends

We have so many loving friends in our lives and we feel overwhelmingly blessed by that. I've been hoping to blog about our dear friends in Maine and their new greenhouse for so long now! I recently got the pictures from them so here we go!

They built it themselves and though we think of Maine as the frozen tundra, they have obviously been successful in growing lots of wonderful produce right through the winter.

These beautiful veggies...
...became part of this delicious looking New England Boiled Dinner - yummm! Makes me remember their kitchen and the love and food we shared there.

Some of these shots were taken around Thanksgiving and some just after Christmas. They recently finished harvesting their carrots as those were supposed to be out of the ground by February. Not bad huh?! We're very close to using up the majority of our produce that was put up this summer and fall and we've missed our fresh produce so much in these past months. Trying to buy fresh organic produce around here is challenging at best and unbelievably expensive too. We're planning to make a lot of changes to our gardening layout and keeping fingers crossed that a plan for our own greenhouse will materialize as well!

And, there is a certain young man in their family who had a birthday this past Thursday. Here he is in all his cuteness! His uncle is a taxidermist, so what a perfect venue for birthday pics of the boy who loves Davey Crockett. We love you buddy, and your big brother, and your parents, and your grandparents! Have a wonderful Davey Crockett party!

Well, this is all then.

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