December 20, 2008

The Weather Outside...

has been frightful! We've had ice, snow, and sleet over the past couple of days and our grass, trees, and shrubs are coated in ice. Under this swirly crust is our driveway too! It's beautiful from inside the warm house though, and most importantly we got our dear girl home during a clear weather window on Thursday - yipeeeeee!! Today we drove in ground blizzard conditions as we made our way home from visiting my Grandmother, but she's well worth the trouble and we enjoyed our visit very much. We took a few little gifts and had the bonus of being able to visit with my dear aunt, uncle, and cousin at the same time. We were a rowdy, noisy bunch and I dare say we were ample entertainment for more than one resident this morning! I hope our laughter and general silliness was good medicine for my grandmother and all the others in the living room. Unfortunately the only camera I had with me was the cell phone and it basically stinks! So I made this overexposed photo into a black and white and then colored in the Santa in the corner - I will now call this an "artsy" photo - uh, huh! But you can still make out our crowd and DD's smiling face turned around toward me, DH in front of the tree, my cousin torturing my aunt with her camera, and most importantly, Grandma with her youngest son's arm around her. So, I guess it's a good photo after all!

On the way home we found a gem of a restaurant that we've passed many times but never had the time to stop. It's called the Knotty Pine Family Steak House. We almost missed out again because common sense would have told us to keep moving and get home before the storm worsened. But against better judgment, we pulled in with the hope that the storm would quickly pass, and it did. The views were so beautiful as we watched it snow and ate a wonderful lunch. Can't wait to go back!

It's a joy to be ready for Christmas ahead of schedule so that we are free to savor this time together. If you aren't completely ready and are still looking for a perfect gift, go to my cousin's website and pick out one of her wonderful crafts, or visit her etsy shop too!

Well, this is all then.

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  1. Thanks for the advertisement! Loved how the photo turned out with the colored Santa in the corner!