December 22, 2008

Sure Cure for Cold

With a high of ZERO degrees, you just have to think about a warm soup! A few weeks ago when I was down with a very bad cold, DH brought home some tortilla soup from a local health market and it warmed me from the inside out. Then today I came across Amanda's recipe for tortilla soup, and I just had the urge to make some. I wanted a cross between the two soups, so I took the basic ingredients in Amanda's recipe and adapted them. I know she won't mind my doing that since she and I have the same kind of cooking brain!

Here are most of the components. Frozen roasted tomatoes and hot peppers from our garden, local wine and chicken, and lots of organic ingredients from our food club purchases. I think I've mentioned our food buying club before, and I will eventually blog all about it. It makes finding and buying healthy, organic, U.S. foods very easy and more affordable for us.

Dinner is served! The two biggest recipe changes that I made were removing the chicken after it was sauteed with the veggies, and pureeing the finished soup with a hand held blender. To serve, I topped the soup with the chicken, some home toasted tortilla strips, and a dollop of sour cream. A piece of our homemade bread and some melted Jack cheese made for a great dipper. Stay warm!

Well, this is all then.

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