December 18, 2008

Kitchen Tradition

Peanut Blossoms, Santa's Whiskers, and Snow Balls! These are all cookies that my mother made year after year at Christmas until she passed the cookie baton to me! I'm so glad she did because it's something I truly love to do. At our house there are only 3 of us to eat them, so we make sure we have a good plan about where they will be distributed before we start! That way I can make as many varieties as we want to have, but not worry about eating ourselves silly. As kids, my three siblings and I loved to decorate cut-out sugar cookies with all the gaudy colored icing we could make. Some of us were purists about appropriate colors for each shape, and some (my brothers) made them as obnoxious as possible, mostly to get a rise out of me! I can still picture the chaos on the kitchen table, but my mother had infinite patience with the yearly mess!

Below is a link to a treasure chest of recipes. You can probably find just about any family favorite here and not have to dig around for the slip of paper that you stuck in who-knows-which cookbook a couple of years ago! Bake away!

Well, this is all then.


  1. did you make these? they look perfect.

  2. Thanks - yes I made them. Many years of practice! We're bringing a few to service tonight, so...