December 16, 2008

Just a Snowy Day

This book by Mercer Mayer was the first thing that ever caused our little baby to belly laugh! It has interactive parts inside including a sled that you pull down the page. For reasons known only to her 8-month-old self, that made her chuckle every time we did it. Good memories!

This is another snowy day title by Ezra Jack Keats that I still adore. It takes me back to the good old Captain Kangaroo days when this was one of the books he read on his show. Could there be anything more comforting than his kind voice? I remember having to hustle to kindergarten on some mornings because I could hardly tear myself away from his show!

And it's just a snowy day here too. It's blowing sideways across the back of our property and blowing up onto the porch out front as well. This package is part of our outdoor decorations and it's wrapped up in a colorful vinyl table cloth rather than paper so it can withstand the snow, cold, and wind - and wind - and more wind - did I say wind? Jeesh it's windy on our little elevation! It is beautiful though and I feel blessed to be warm inside doing more baking of course! Pictures to come soon.

Well, this is all then.

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