December 27, 2008

Iced Again

Our alarm clock this morning was the weather radio. It blasted off an ice storm warning at 7:30am - saying that the storm was either starting soon, or already under way. Judging by the click, click, click we could hear on the windows it was easy to guess that it was under way. These windows are on the north side of our house and are obviously crusted with ice, as are all those on the west side of the house. Thanks again to the "weather people" for being so on top of it - sure! There was only talk of a slight chance of precipitation for today. Yesterday we were doing the happy dance because it was 55 degrees and all the old ice melted! We could see our driveway, we made our way down our gravel road without white-knuckling the steering wheel, and DD was able to open her car since the ice blanket fell off of it! But now, here we go again. The warning stated that travel would either be very dangerous, or impossible by the time the ice was down and the snow fell on top of it later today. And the likelihood of power lines falling was high. Oh my, this has been some winter and it's just begun! On the bright side - we went out last night with my aunt and uncle and enjoyed our time with them as usual, we rented three movies on the way home, we have a generator, we like each other if we do get stuck inside, and we have this wonderful soup to eat!

It's made from Christmas Day leftovers and the recipe I used was designed to be a two-in-one. It's one of Rachel Ray's concoctions and both parts were delicious! For our Christmas dinner we served the chuck roast with our garden goodies - roasted beets with pesto and succotash. For the soup part, we followed her suggestion of making grilled Fontina cheese sandwiches to go with it - really good! One important change - use whole barley if you can, also called hulled barley. It has much, much more nutrition. Just cook it a bit longer and maybe add a little more liquid.

Well, this is all then.

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