December 23, 2008

Dasher? Dancer?

No, I guess not! Just a herd of deer hanging around the pond and munching on the junipers outside our dining room windows. They seem to know the addresses of those with private property where there are no hunters! It's so interesting to me that they mass together once the shots start ringing out in the distance and they find safe haven. How do they know?

They do look pretty in the snow, and after dark it's fun to pull into our driveway and see all the glowing eyes out on the western side of our acreage as the deer are camping out there overnight. But I don't forget what they do to pumpkin vines, rose bushes, new trees, and too often, car fenders. The Iowa DNR reports that as of today, the count of deer harvested in our county this season is around 2300, and in all the state it's over 117,ooo. We have way too many of these lovely animals in Iowa and if we knew how to gut them, we'd shoot a few on our property to put in the freezer. But other than a hunting rifle, we have none of the equipment or skills to get a deer carcass to a butcher. I bought DH a heavy duty garden cart for Christmas, but even if we paired that with the rider mower, I don't think we'd get it done! If anyone is interested in a deal, we'll get the tags, you bring your gear, and we'll split the take!

Well, this is all then.