December 15, 2008

Cookie Weather

We're in the deep freeze! Last night when we headed out for evening church service, the temperature was 47. By the time we got home, three hours later, it was 3!! Today got all the way up to 7.5, so the only solution was to start Christmas baking! Just look at this chocolatey goodness...

This is my black walnut fudge - DH's favorite! We're fortunate enough to have a local source for fresh black walnuts, and there is absolutely no comparison to any other nut. They perfume the fudge like nothing else could. I use an old "Fantasy Fudge" recipe and just substitute the black walnuts. This recipe makes a load of gifts!

This plate holds a new cookie for us - "Irish Coffee Crunchies". Though it's a bit humble looking, it is fantastic! Kind of like an oat shortbread I'd say. The recipe is from a wonderful website by Gourmet Magazine, which highlights the favorite cookie from 1941-2008. Take a look at it, it's great fun to go through the years and see the trends. This recipe is from 1977 - thanks for finding this site DH!

Here are a couple of things we're using this year for our kitchen gifts. We'll put a box of these great seasonal teas with the cookies, or cookie mix, or fudge we're giving to friends, neighbors, and co-workers. It makes the gift nice and complete I think. I also found these great bakery-style boxes in the Wilton Cake aisle. They should give a nice finished look to some of the gifts. I'd like to find a more complete source for these kinds of boxes, so if you know one, please share with me!

More cookies to come. Tonight we wrap gifts - can't have our sweet college kid coming home to a tree with no gifts under it! Hope you're enjoying getting ready for the big day.

Well, this is all then.


  1. It all looks delicious! Merry Christmas from Louisiana.