November 20, 2008

Garden Pizza

We're digging into the freezer again. I made a simple pizza sauce by combining some of our frozen roasted tomatoes, a portion of frozen pesto, and a little dash of balsamic vinegar to give it a boost. Summer tomatoes and basil in November just about makes you forget how much work it took to get those tomatoes and basil in the freezer in the first place! I use a homemade pizza dough that's as simple as whole wheat pastry flour, water, salt, and yeast, plus a smidge of olive oil and a sweetener like honey (to feed the yeast) - all tossed into my 11-year-old Zojirushi bread maker on the dough setting - easy stuff. My recipe makes enough for two pizzas and the second half goes into the freezer to save for another quick meal - either pizza or calzones, or even bread sticks. Here's a picture of the dough with only the wonderful sauce so far, and it's sitting on my well worn baking stone from Pampered Chef, which is nice and dark now and missing one corner - but it still works great!

Mmmm...finished product. Fast food at it's best.

Well, this is all then.