November 18, 2008


Isn't she just so cute? After 12.5 years of feeding this little princess the very best dry food on the market, giving her food treats, providing her a comfy little bed, and buying her countless toy mice - do you think she would even TRY to catch the stinking REAL mouse that is running around in the wall somewhere? NO, NO, NO. She just sits there and looks up at you like, "what's the problem?" Unbelievable! I've seen this darn cat jump 6 feet in the air to capture a fly, I've seen her almost injure herself chasing a furry mouse toy around the house, she's even smart enough to open door knobs by jumping on them. The one time this useless fur ball could be of some help and she is so lame it's pitiful to see. This is DD's cat and I'll just say, my darling daughter, it's a good thing we love you too much to show this cat the door. And cat, it's a good thing that darling daughter loves you - maybe you're smart enough to know that??

In the meantime I'm behaving like a slightly crazy person hearing this noise in the wall, or is it in the ceiling, or in the cupboard? I'm yelling unpleasant things at the mouse - I guess hoping to offend it enough to make it go away? I'm intermittently beating on the walls thinking it will scare away? I've got the music cranked up so loud it's ridiculous and I can STILL hear it doing whatever stinking, disgusting mice do. You might think that this is just part of living in the country, but not so fast...DH is in the dog house for this one! He bought this antenna "thingy" in yet another attempt to improve our internet speed. Frankly, he's obsessed with this goal. He drilled a hole somewhere outdoors and thought he'd wait to fill it in until he was sure the antenna placement was where he wanted it to be. Guess what? He forgot to go back and fill it in - enter, the mouse. I won't need to say a thing. DH already knows his goofy wife was home most of the day listening to this thing scritch scratching away. He knows - poor guy.

Well, this is all then.


  1. OOO you better be nice to my cat!!! You have three and a half days before she's off your hands!:)

  2. haha... I don't know why I didn't see this post before. This is hilarious. I hate the sound mice make when they run around. the rapid feet running sound. I feel for ya.