October 20, 2008

Sweet Times

We spent a wonderful weekend visiting our dear daughter. It was Parent's Weekend at her college and we enjoyed every minute with her. Of course we took gifts from the garden of salsa and pear butter! We got to see her perform with her Concert Choir and they were amazing, plus we got to see her make-up artistry in the fall musical. I have no clue where she learned how to do theatrical make-up so well since she's normally on stage rather than behind the scenes, but that girl is certainly full of surprises and there's no moss growing on her! We also got to visit with some dear friends from Maine who were in Iowa for the week. It was a sweet time together with all of them.

Then there is another kind of "sweet time" going on around our house. Guess what DH is doing here:

Yes! Sweet potatoes have finally been harvested! It wasn't exactly a bumper crop but better than last year's results. My plan is to blanch and freeze the sweet potatoes and hopefully they'll be a nice addition to Thanksgiving dinner. We still have lingering questions about sweet potato growing, like how are you supposed to know when they're ready? This is all you see above ground:

We were told by different sources that we should wait to harvest until the vines have died back after the first frost. However, another source suggested digging them up as soon as they are of a good size, but how would you know that since they are underground???? Hmmmm.... We do want to discover the answer to this question since some of the sweet potatoes grew to an absolutely obscene size!!

Tonight we enjoyed a dish of sweet potatoes, shallots, and organic apple-chicken sausage (from Target). I put all of this into a casserole dish, added some sherry and apple juice to the bottom of the dish and covered it with first parchment paper and then foil. I then baked it in a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes. Oh my goodness it was wonderful! The sweet potatoes taste great. The picture below includes this dish plus our own succotash, and apple butter on homemade bread. Eating from the garden is just sweet in every way!

Well, this is all then.

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