October 22, 2008

Something Fishy

Tonight's dinner was a delicious salmon fillet dressed with our pesto (see my Pesto entry), served over whole wheat couscous with a bit of garden parsley that has survived the recent frosts, and our green beans teamed with organic carrots. As good as it tastes and as good as we're told it is for us, I experience a little nervousness every time I purchase fish these days.

I'm sure I hear the same conflicting things about fish that you do. We're told by everyone that we need to eat more fish. But we're also barraged by confusing news about the best fish to eat. When I buy fish I look for where it was caught and under what conditions, where was it packaged, what's been added to it, and on and on it goes. I prefer to buy fish that's labeled as a product of the USA and with recent changes to laws regarding labeling, knowing the country of origin will get a lot easier very soon, but even then I feel I can't be completely sure about the product. It seems like we get blindsided by surprising recalls far too often. I have two little lists in my purse that are intended to help people purchase the "safest" fish to eat. We have to be concerned about mercury levels among other things and just when we thought we were doing the very best thing by purchasing albacore tuna packed in water, now we're told that light tuna - the cheaper kind we used to buy - actually is less likely to contain high levels of mercury. I took comfort for a while in the idea that "farm raised" fish was safer since it wouldn't be subject to so much contamination, but what's being revealed is that the environment of a fish farm can actually result in some of it's own hazards to the health of the fish, so we're back to only buying "wild caught" salmon. Good, good, grief!

Maybe it comes down to three things. One is to turn off the noise of the T.V more often and not be subject to the latest and greatest "study" since anything that's really valid will eventually stand up to scrutiny and filter down in a reliable way, two is to follow the old advice that we should eat all things in moderation, and three, and more importantly, we just do the best we can every day and never forget that our real trust lies with our God whose wisdom in all things far surpasses our lame attempts to figure it all out!

Well, this is all then.


  1. Looks gourmet! I'll have to try! I had a lot of fun last night!

  2. Last night was great fun! I'm just a little nervous about how the bowl will turn out. You may or may not ever see it appear on the blog - ha!