October 2, 2008

Living in The Wild Kingdom

Pretty huh? This morning almost looked like a frost morning and it's such a pleasure to have these views. However, the point of this post is to share some of the creature battles that go on in this landscape. We're not animal haters by any stretch of the imagination. We realize that living in the country includes animals being near, on, or in your property. We know deer sleep in our yard and have given birth near the pond, we have various kinds of nests on the house and under the deck, we occasionally have coyotes baying in the yard, frogs cling to the kitchen windows at night to catch the moths...

and oddly enough one frog lives on our BBQ grill. Our pond hosts everything from heron to snakes to snapping turtles - and all of this is to be expected.

Rarely do we fight anything off except for protecting our garden and destroying wasp nests. We truly enjoy the wonder of God's creation and the entertainment it brings on our acreage.

One of our favorite hobbies is birdwatching and we have a number of feeders and love tracking the variety of birds they attract. But one bird lately is trying my patience. It's a woodpecker who has decided that it can drill into the steel insert of our gas fireplace. What is it's problem? Doesn't it get a headache trying to drill through the metal? All this week it's come back in the morning to make another attempt. Today it flew into the window first and then landed up on the top of the flue. And no matter how much noise I make or how much I pound the wall, the fireplace screen, and the mantle - it doesn't stop or scare. I've yelled at it, gone out on the porch and into the side yard to try and disturb it, all to no avail. Can birds be deaf?? Or is this bird simply one brick shy of a full load????? I thought of turning on the fireplace - not to cook the thing but just to make the environment less friendly. However, the pilot light has been off for the summer and since I had to be such a "girl" and not learn how to light it when my husband offered to teach me, I'm stuck not being able to get it going. I've just finished trying a little aversion therapy and clanked on the inner pipe of the flue with a ruler that I could fit through the grate. It took a few sessions, but apparently the bird didn't like it and for now it's gone.

I know I need to calm down and enjoy where I live, so I'll just go sweep the raccoon poo off the porch and soak in this beautiful morning in the wild kingdom!

Well, this is all then.

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