September 4, 2008

That Fall Feeling

OH - the temperatures have plummeted here and it feels like fall! It's my very favorite time of year, leading to Halloween and Thanksgiving. Though I do love a good blizzard - and then there's Christmas - and of course Easter - and the first spring bulb plants coming up - so maybe I actually have lots of favorites! But that first nip in the air just invigorates me and I'm in full holiday mode from that point on. I try not to drag my family into too many of my enthusiastic schemes this time of year, but I do have to ask for a little help at times. Last night I enlisted DH to help me get the front porch converted to a fall theme. My mom is coming this weekend for a cousin reunion on her side of the family, so that gave me the needed time line to make the changes to the porch area. We planted a couple of mums and a new ornamental grass went in the big pot with one of the mums. I saw that idea at a local garden center and I loved it. Then we placed all the pumpkins and gourds around the porch, tied some of our dry corn stalks on the front columns and voila - it's fall!

Our pumpkin vines were at the back of our property and as I've blogged before, the deer helped themselves to quite a few of the seedling vines. But we did end up with a good number anyway so I'm pretty satisfied. I'm missing all the tiny pumpkins we had last year, but I did get just a few of the white pumpkins that I wanted to try out. Another casualty of deer greed were the flattish, dark orange, Cinderella pumpkins I was anxious to see. They're called Cinderella pumpkins because they resemble the pumpkin that became her coach in the story-very cute I think! Lord willing we'll try again next year. But, we recently discovered a surprise back in the long grass - a yellow squash vine that was a volunteer produced from the dead vines we tossed back there last fall. (Long grass is what people around here call the area on your property that you don't mow - I don't know if that's a real term or not but it strikes me as kind of funny that it has a specific name!) That hidden vine provided us with the knobby looking gourds since that's what yellow squash eventually become if they aren't picked.

Then we have another volunteer vine growing right up and over the compost bin! We'll see if it develops any fruit before the first frost. I think it's probably come to the party a little too late. We'll have to get it out of there eventually because vines are not a good thing for your compost bin since some vine pests can survive over the winter, but it looks pretty for now!

Well, this is all then.

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