September 10, 2008

Autumn Color

A second blooming of our roses and the amazing color of the hyacinth bean vine flowers made such a gorgeous arrangement that it was hard to believe it was autumn and not mid-summer when I brought them in this morning. What a pleasure! This little vase is from our trip to the Botanical Center and it's got a screw-on top with a grid which makes for nice arrangements. Some places call it a "frog vase".

These pears and apples are from Uncle J's garden and are such beautiful colors of autumn. We were trying to imagine how many pounds of produce must have come from his garden and fruit trees - impossible to even guess!! And they give away so much, so generously, that it's that much more amazing.

Then we have the traditional colors of autumn to enjoy too. These funny gourds are not anything we can identify, and the vine they grew on died prematurely, but I let them cure in the garden for a long time and they're now so rustic and interesting that I had to bring them in. There is one lone white pumpkin in there too. I wonder if they're supposed to be speckled or if ours are victims of our weird weather this year?

The color of the last of the tomatoes is so interesting. We tend to bring them in now when the first hint of red color shows up. We're rolling the dice this time of year since we've already come pretty close to frost. These will ripen nicely on the counter but of course won't be quite as amazing as the ones at the height of summer, but we're not complaining!

And then we have the more humble but still wonderful color of the just-blanched green bean, cooling in ice water and ready to hit the freezer. We probably have one more picking of beans, the sweet potatoes, parsley, and as many tomatoes as make it to frost, and that's it! We'll see if any of our fall crops make a showing. It will be a bonus after this most blessed of gardening seasons for us!

Well, this is all then.

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  1. oh those flowers are gorgeous. I love the picture of the pearls and apples. the color combination is beautiful.