September 26, 2008

All Those Tomatoes

We've been blessed with a bumper crop of tomatoes and as I've written several times, one of my favorite ways of preserving them this year was to roast them and then pop them in a freezer bag and into the freezer. Here's one of the savory recipes I did for an appetizer spread on Thursday evening using some of these preserved beauties-Roasted Tomato Spread. It was served on homemade crostini - oh the goodness...

I mixed some balsamic vinegar, a couple cloves of garlic, some fresh basil, and a pinch of salt into a defrosted batch of the roasted tomatoes and voila! I didn't add any olive oil since these were roasted in olive oil. If you were doing this spread with a can of tomatoes instead, you would drain it and add some olive oil. The inspiration for this came from Susan Branch's book - Autumn. I made the crostini by simply slicing a loaf of Parmesan baguette, lightly coating it with olive oil on both sides and baking it at 425 until it was just browned - turn it over at some point to get both sides crusty. BTW, DH added olives to this spread and used it to top poached salmon.

As for the tomatoes that are still coming out of the garden, we had this wonderful salad that DH made for our dinner tonight with Uncle J and Aunt P. It's not from the Amy Goldman book in the background of the picture, but the book is so very pretty! The salad had our tomatoes, shallots, basil and parsley, plus chunks of feta cheese, all marinated in a great dressing. This is a very simple salad and adds a little needed flavor to late season tomatoes, which for us have lost a bit of their edge.

As we look out at our garden, we can still see more and more ripening tomatoes. Next week's weather will be in the 60's with 40's for lows so we really may be near the end. It's been a fine ride.

Well, this is all then.

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