August 25, 2008

Scattered Mind

My mind has been flitting wildly from one thing to the next today and that never fails to result in a disaster of some sort - as it did today. Not a big disaster but not fun either!

The first flit was taking a picture of our pond this morning since the rising mist made it look like it was smoldering. In all four seasons, we're often waylaid in the morning and evening by the beautiful scenes down there.
Then I thought I'd take a photo of the colorful pile of produce that I would soon be turning into salsa. Too bad I didn't stop flitting and just get down to making the salsa. Really a shame.

Because the next flit took me out to our front porch to take a photo of this beautiful hyacinth bean vine that I had been meaning to photograph for a couple of days. A gal from the library brought in these nice bean seeds and I took some home in early summer and poked them into the mud at the base of our porch and out came this lovely vine plant, which has now produced striking purple pods and orchid-like flowers. They're apparently not edible but they are gorgeous and it's a fast growing plant which is always nice.

O.K. Now I'm ready to get back to business and get the salsa started - except for one problem. Because we had a weekend house guest who wouldn't quit playing with the door locks, I'm locked out of the house!!! I do mean really, really locked out since we don't have a keypad on our garage door (never got around to it in two years) and the last time someone used the hidden spare key, it never got replaced. Fantastic!!! I'm in a questionable state of dress, no shoes, no phone, neighbors have gone to work, and anyone else is too far away for me to walk to on the gravel road with no shoes. So I'm stuck, I'm starting to cry like a wimp, I'm praying to God for mercy, and I'm circling the house hoping for unlocked windows, all the while looking like someone who escaped from the funny farm! I'm taking the screens off the front windows and using a piece of wire from a planter to try to move the lock on the window - no luck. Using the same wire trying to pick the lock on the door handle - no luck. About 45 min. has now passed. Then as I was about to circle the house again, out of sheer habit at this point, I noticed our security sign - that little sign you put in your yard to warn would-be burglars that you have enough home security to make it annoying for them to break in -and suddenly I had a flash back to 18 years ago when someone helped us get back into a brand new house by sliding a credit card into the crack between the door and the door frame. I felt the sign and decided that it was about the same width as a credit card and why not try it? I plucked it up, stake and all, and took it to the front door. I held onto the stake and forced the sign into the crack, slid it down... and that door popped open like Ali Baba had said "Open Sesame"!!!! Whewwwyyy!!! I was really crying now - in gratitude for answered prayer and for the memory of the "helpful" person who broke into our house 18 years ago!!!

Moral of the story - your home security sign is more useful than you think - OR - quit playing with your camera and get your salsa made!

Well, this is all then.

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  1. OHHH I'm so sorry that happened to you. Isn't it funny how in an instant you absolutely helpless? I did the same thing recently. Got all the kids out of the house in the car, locked the door and realized "I can't start the car". Luckily our windows were open and Ayva is tiny!