August 31, 2008

Pushing the Limits

Last post for August - wow. It's kind of a relief and kind of a bummer to be at the end of the garden season. There isn't as much pressing on you each day - ripening, ripening, ripening - but obviously the end to the fresh veggies is a big let down. So we're making the most of every little bit and pushing our creativity with what's left. This was a side dish made from the very last of the cherry tomatoes and the little bit of green beans we harvested from our sluggish green bean plants. I sauteed some shallots in olive oil and then added the tomatoes and the steamed green beans. It was so simple but so tasty.

Another thing that dwindled out from the garden this week was eggplant. I'm not interested in the tedious process recommended to blanch, treat, and freeze eggplant, so we just used it up in as many ways as I could convince DH to try! He's not the biggest fan of the stuff and making an Eggplant Tomato Pie was certainly pushing the limits in our kitchen. Here's the pie in progress. This photo shows the part where you layer tomato slices in the middle of the eggplant filling layers - I never cease to be thrilled at the color of our tomatoes!

This is the finished product - very, very good. The topping includes bread crumbs, flax seed (because we were out of wheat germ), and a little Parmesan cheese - can't be too bad right? The recipe is from my old favorite - Joy of Gardening Cookbook.

Next we'll push the limits of our growing season. Our plan for Labor Day is to put a few fall crops in the garden. However, we've definitely reached our limit of patience in fighting weeds, so we'll see how committed we are to this fall crop idea in the end!

Well, this is all then.

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