August 22, 2008

It's a Process

This time of year you do a lot of processing to keep up with the tomatoes! Lots of work but lots of reward. We conservatively picked 30 lbs. of tomatoes this week and when you have that much excess you get to do some of the tomato intensive things like tomato juice. We made a delicious batch by adding celery, onion, parsley and hot peppers to the tomatoes. Here's what it looked like after it was cooked and going through the food mill.

And here is the finished product! 5 quarts for the freezer and one cup for DH! Can't you just smell the vegetable soup cooking this winter? Mmmm...

And there was more processing going on in our house too. The lima beans were all ready to be shelled and blanched. Then we blanched several ears of corn as well and put them together to make succotash for the freezer. We'll use it just as it is and also in a recipe for Brunswick stew. I've lived in Georgia twice in my life and that stew was a favorite both times. What a great use for our first crop of limas! Here's a picture of DH cutting the corn off the cob for the succotash. Please forgive the garrish plastic table cloth - we needed a big workspace in a hurry! Also, ignore that messy desk in the background there - it's just a figment of your imagination anyway.

In the midst of all the processing, there's still time to make a nice dinner from the garden. This is zucchini, green beans, shallot and tomato making a sauce for pasta and shrimp. Very good and quick too. A big ripe tomato just about turns itself into a meal I think. No processing necessary!

Well, this is all then.

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