August 7, 2008


He's feasting on all the bugs around here. In this shot he's hanging off the wall on the front porch. Go praying mantis, go!! We have more than enough bugs to go around. Any of our friends who have little entomologists - you are welcome to bring them out here anytime. You'd end up with a first class 4H project in about 15 minutes!

We've been feasting too. Things just keep rolling in from the garden. Last night's meal was deluxe. We fixed stuffed peppers, the beet salad in this picture, which was dressed with sherry vinaigrette, rosemary goat cheese and toasted walnuts (ooohhhh!), and I roasted my one and only cauliflower with one of our sliced up tomatoes until the tomato was caramelized - indescribably sweet. DH was more than happy to share the love! I thought I'd be eating that cauliflower alone but anyone would have been inspired to eat it this way or...maybe his foot surgery has changed his palette!

Some more things are done in the garden - snow peas as of last night since it's finally too hot, a turban squash vine that mysteriously died, and the zucchini plant is fading. That's fine with me since we've enjoyed just enough zucchini and not too much. Yesterday I froze beets and needed to clean out the freezer. I discovered 4 containers of grated zucchini from last year - was I nuts?!! I actually grated, blanched, and froze all that zucchini. Now as I've said, I don't like to let things go to waste, but this was insanity! Life's too short to stand over boiling water and fish out tiny bits of blanched zucchini all for the sake of a loaf of quick bread or a muffin in the future - jeesh!

All of these things will be considered as we plan for next year's garden. We're getting a pretty clear plan for what we like to grow, what we like to eat, and what's worth the trouble of preserving. It's fun to give things away too and we've done more of that this year. Last Sunday I took beets to church, along with instructions on how to roast them, and they all were taken, which surprised me. Maybe I've hit on a new idea - you can unload excess garden goodies more successfully if you provide instructions or a recipe! People just need a little inspiration and they will be feasting too!'

Well, this is all then.

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