July 21, 2008

This Just In

Our first cukes, eggplant and snow peas! For dinner, one of the cucumbers will be sliced into an Indian raita (a yogurt sauce or dip) along with fresh cilantro from this morning's pick. The cilantro was really slow to take off but is finally producing enough to enjoy. It is ten times more pungent than anything I've ever gotten from the grocery store. The eggplant and some of the other veggies will go into a mixed vegetable curry for dinner too. We'll see if I can sneak the eggplant past DH! These are the little Japanese-style eggplant and I think next year we'll plant the traditional variety as well. Lately I've been coming across some wonderful looking recipes that use large "planks" of eggplant. I think a gardener always has an eye out for the next garden as well as the current one!

Also picked more cabbage, chard, and bok choy. Look for my next posting which will include "The Tale of the Horrible Hornworms" and "Three Biddies on the Bean Poles"!

Well, this is all then.

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