July 10, 2008

Greens Runneth Over

Gardening "Tools"

I asked DH for greens in the garden this year and he came through - whew! Now I have more than I want, need, or know what to do with and it just kills me to waste them. I may call some folks to come and pick what they want before it's too late. We have Swiss chard coming out our ears and I really don't think I want to try and blanch and freeze it. I'll save my preserving patience for the tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, and squash. Those I can handle. Each year we experiment a little more with what we grow and with good record keeping we'll eventually get a formula that works well. Last year we had an overage of yellow squash and I discovered by accident that if you just leave it on the vine, it gets all bumpy and looks great in fall arrangements with the pumpkins. Who knew?

It's been fantastic to have the fresh greens but maybe a smaller amount and even more staggered planting would help. I will also be looking for a stash of recipes for greens so that when I harvest them I don't have to also figure out how to cook them.

Along with more weeding, I harvested these goodies today - bell peppers, banana peppers, green onions and a few early turnips. I plan on making a big batch of veggie soup tonight, which freezes really well and will use up lots of these wonderful things. I'm also going to experiment with sauteed beet greens as one of the toppings for a grilled pizza. Is that too weird???? Hmmm...

Well, this is all then.


  1. Jill, You can pass any of those greens over our way! We absolutely love swiss chard! Blessings, Amanda

  2. Your wish is my command :) We just happen to have a large bag full of Swiss chard that I picked today, in the car, ready to bring to church in the morning!! It makes me so happy that it will be used - yeah!

  3. We're loving the swiss chard! Thank you so much!