July 14, 2008

Goals from the Garden

These beautiful currant berries came from my Uncle J. Wow, aren't they gorgeous?!! I've previously told you that he's a prize of a guy and my Aunt P is a total gem. They both came for a Sunday evening visit and brought these currants along with several TOMATOES from their garden - show offs! They said they thought that this was the earliest they have ever harvested them. They also brought potatoes and a few ears of early corn, which was very generous indeed considering that the rotten, dirty, sneaky, raccoons got into their corn on Saturday night and ruined a great deal of it. We have first hand knowledge of this nastiness since our entire corn crop was ravaged by these rabid sneaks last year. We had to keep adding and adding wires to our electric fence in an effort to keep them out. The test for us this year is yet to come since our corn isn't ready. We did send Aunt and Uncle home with Swiss chard, bok choy and some lettuce. They don't grow the first two and their lettuce had already bolted, so it felt good to reciprocate a little anyway!

These currants led me to set several goals. One is to make them into preserves and enter one jar into the county fair this week. I hadn't planned on participating again this year, but I got inspired when I received the currants and my Aunt and Uncle started talking about the fair last night. Then I set a goal to use some of my rhubarb to make a quick bread to enter into the fair as well. While I'm at it, I may as well enter my nice African violet too, since it decided to bloom this week more than it ever has in two years. No idea why!

We also set a goal for our little bitty green bean plants! DH put up the very large tepees that we used for climbing support for beans last year, and we gave the beans a pep talk and told them that they COULD do it! Even though the rain and storms have made them slow, we're confident that they can still do their thing this summer. This is a picture from last year's garden.

What we've been eating from the garden lately - bok choy with Kung Pao tempeh (you can look that up if you don't know what it is!), a curry dish with beet greens, potatoes and chicken, Chinese coleslaw with our cabbage, green peppers and green onions, and tonight is Swiss chard with grilled fish. Good stuff! And by the way, the grilled pizza with the sauteed beet greens was fabulous! They were cooked in olive oil with onion, Italian seasoning, balsamic vinegar and a little bacon, then layered on the pizza with two cheeses, fresh tomato slices, and sliced green onions. Onto the grill - great.

Well, this is all then.

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