July 3, 2008

Gardeners are Generous!

Last night's supper was graced by freshly dug Kennebec potatoes from my Uncle J's garden. He lives close by and is a master gardener - the kind that gives tours of his garden to various groups - in other words an expert! He grows way more than he and my aunt could possibly eat and his goal is to share the wealth with as many people as possible. His other goal is to get his garden to produce before any other garden in the area and he's always successful. So, there goes my valid excuse for why our garden is behind this year! (See my first post below) So far we've enjoyed his green onions, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, and now his amazing new potatoes. He's a prize of a guy and not just because he shares his veggies!

My husband shared seedlings at the beginning of the season, getting our pastor and some other church folks into the tomato business this year. My husband's a prize of a guy too! He has a nice set up in our basement for getting seedlings started and it worked out pretty well this year. Gardening is an interesting learning process and never boring! Hopefully we'll have enough pumpkins to share again this year too. I had the grand idea of making a small pumpkin patch at the back of our property so that families could come out this fall and have their kids pick pumpkins - BUT - the stinkin' deer found it and had their way with it. That's two gardening myths busted by the way - they WILL eat pumpkin vines and they DON'T have any problem with walking across black plastic - stinkin' deer! Some vines have survived so far, and we'll pray for the best. Now I just hope they stay out of our new perennials in the front bed, which by the way, were transplanted splits from the gardens of a lovely couple from our church - more generous gardeners!

Back to the potatoes - I can hardly begin to describe the thrill of home grown potatoes. I never would have thought that the taste would be so different from store bought potatoes, but they are a totally different animal - totally! Did you know that a fresh potato from the garden actually makes a cracking noise when you cut it up??? They are sweet beyond belief and have a texture that's like silk when you bite into them. Completely and totally worth the space to grow them in your garden. So, supper was poached mustard salmon served over our own spinach (which had been sauteed with olive oil, shallots and garlic), and Uncle J's potatoes, tossed with peas, healthy margarine, and seasonings. Very delicious.

My other addition to the kitchen yesterday was a dozen free range eggs from a local woman who also produces honey on her farm. Don't be too jealous when I tell you that she only charges $2 for them!!! I snapped a picture of the eggs because I love how random the sizes and colors are. My favorite is the pale green one! We're trying to learn to purchase locally, especially if it's organic or close to it. This is something that I wanted to pursue anyway, and having gas prices go through the roof was a good motivator to get going in this direction. So far we've found local sources for honey, eggs, beef, apples, black walnuts, and turkeys. Hopefully the list will grow!

Well, this is all then.

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